Saturday, September 22, 2012

Lunch at Peel Pub

Thursdays are not very good days for me, but one thing I can look forward to is the lunch. Last year, I lunched here at Peel Pub nearly every Thursday for a semester -- thus is the miracle of school schedules matching up. This has got to be the restaurant I frequented the most during school so far, and I barely even drink. I don't understand why there aren't more students here during the day (I know, the nights are packed).

Obviously, you don't expect good service at a pub. I was actually pleasantly surprised at how nice our waitress was to us -- I honestly expected the brisk and grumpy lady who didn't smile much. And if you are a student, don't forget to bring your ID! They do check.

Their daily specials are all below 10$, and they give you more than enough food. Fantastic for students! In fact, they now serve a warm, sweet roll if you order a meal, and I couldn't stop eating mine!

As usual, I got the Thursday rib steak for 9.99$. I've been craving that steak for a while now, and it did not disappoint. 8 ounces of meaty goodness. I ordered it rare (a change from the medium-rare I always got here), and it was not very evenly grilled, but the steak is thin so I expected no miracles. It's pub food, and for the price it was great.

I apologize for the pictures; I took them with my phone.
My friend Y ordered the lasagna for 7.99$. The waitress came back after a while, saying they had no more meat lasagna, but he was happy to take the vegetarian one. It came looking quite delicious. All that heavenly cheese... I know what I'm getting next time!

Although we didn't get any drinks this time, I feel obliged to tell you that they have 99 cents shooters on Thursdays, but you need to buy them in sets of 4. I have tried lots of them and they are very tasty! Especially the Pearl Harbor and the Beam Me Up Scottie~

Stay tuned!

1196, rue Peel 
(514) 844-7296
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