Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Korean BBQ: Seoul Chako

I recently became infatuated with all the wonders of Korean cuisine, and a great way to indulge my cravings is Korean BBQ! Seoul Chako is located on St-Catherine street, very close to Concordia University and a short walk from McGill University as well. It must be popular among hungry students like us! I went there for lunch with friends -- on weekdays, it is only 13.99$, with a reasonable selection of food.

 When we got in, we were quickly ushered to our seats -- some of our friends had already gotten two tables. The waitress was rather rude to us -- not trying to be mean, but rather like an annoyed cafeteria lady snapping at little kids. But hey, you go to all-you-can-eat for the quantity of food, not the service.

The restaurant itself is very pretty -- the some of the lights change colour! Beware though... the booth sofas are not real sofas... the seats are made of wood, and no cushioning either.

Each order has 2-4 servings, depending on how much you think a serving is. Make sure you don't overorder! 

That white rectangular thing is calamari. I didn't like it, but the person who ordered them thought they were fine, so maybe unseasoned calamari is just not for me. 

Mushrooms! They are so good and juicy -- I ate so many slices! 

Other than that, I liked the short ribs and the chicken. I also ordered the fish fillet. They were white, and I have no idea what kind of fish. I find that they were too salty. 

Their side dishes included popcorn chicken which were awesome! There was also fried dumplings, fried scallops that may have been fake (tasted crabby), edamame, some sushi rolls that my friends said were mediocre... 

Of course, they also had kimchi, which I really liked. I am a bit picky about kimchi, I need just the right amount of tang and spiciness. 

Oh, and I tried their green salad. Do yourself a favor. Don't order it. I got a clump of iceberg lettuce center; they didn't even bother separating the leaves, two cucumber slices and a slice of tomato -- slathered with a nasty yellow dressing that had the consistency of sriracha sauce. Ugh. 

At the end of the meal, we had ice cream! I personally have a profound love of all things green tea flavoured, and I found their matcha ice cream to be superb and creamy. The mango was also very good, the favorite among my friends. 

There was a nice surprise at the end: They gave us 10% discount! I assume it was because we were obviously students. 

It was a lot of fun! I would like to go for dinner -- althought not anytime soon. Want to try the expanded menu, with ox tongue, pumpkin and sweet potato...

Until next time, stay tuned to Munchow, and happy munching!

1824, Ste-Catherine West
H3H 1M1
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  1. The mango one is soooooooooo much better... like not even a competition...

  2. I LOOOOVE THIS! Starfish, this is amazing!
    *Stare at food and drool*

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