Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A New Take on Poutine: New York Fries

Ahh, poutine. You haven't lived in Quebec till you've tried it. Fries, squeaky cheese curds, all covered with a scoop (or several) of scalding hot gravy. I have fond memories of sharing a bowl of poutine and an iced tea with an old friend, after every Saturday class. Unfortunately, times change, and tastes change as well. I haven't craved poutine for a very long time, and usually, the mere thought of that gooey, greasy mess of fries and salt is more than enough to wilt my appetite.

So imagine my surprise when a poutine menu finally piqued my interest, in an American franchise, no less. I've heard all sorts of things about how the USA screws up poutine, mostly shredded cheddar instead of cheese curds horror stories. But hey, New York Fries has always served me well for movie munchies (fries and chicken strips, mm!) at Scotiabank Theatre, and I didn't see a reason not to try a poutine that FINALLY caught my eye.

This branch is in the Fairview shopping centre in Pointe-Claire, among a few other not-so-common fast food joints. As far as I know, this is one of the three full-fledged New York Fries locations in Quebec, although the snackbar branch at Scotiabank is currently undergoing renovations as I type, and may upgrade.

And here's my gem: the braised beef poutine ($5.95 - small). Yep, delicious, tender, Angus slow-cooked with carrots, mushrooms, and onions. The sauce, supposedly made with red wine, though I couldn't taste it, replaces the traditional gravy. The handcut fries were cooked in front of us, and we watched every step of the poutine-making process. The stew was ladled into the small bowl until it was dripping off the sides. Sit down and dig in! The fries were great, the beef even better. The whole thing is pretty salty, more so than your usual poutine, but just enjoy this beefy delight for a moment or two. There's always time for water later.

The butter chicken poutine ($5.95 - small) was just as tasty. They certainly don't skimp on the shredded chicken, and their take on curry is actually pretty great. The sauce paired well with the fries and the cheese. I was able to thoroughly enjoy every single bite, and actually savour the different flavours.

Poutine at New York Fries doesn't overpower you with greasiness, but are actually full of hearty flavours. Maybe I will try the original poutine here too. I actually had a lot of fun eating here, and this will be my go-to munch spot whenever I visit Fairview.

Fairview Mall
6801 Trans-Canada Highway,
Pointe-Claire, H9R 5J2
(514) 426-1151

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  1. After receiving a 2 for 1 special deal for fries at NY Fries from Canadian Tire, I rushed to Google to check it out. The only franchise remotely near me in Montreal, was this one.
    Sadly I received only a 'No Service" at the listed phone number.
    Guess we can only conclude- at Fairview, the view of NY Fries was
    not so fair after-all :-(.