Saturday, December 29, 2012

St-Georges: Les Pères Nature

So I'm spending the holidays with my parents at St-Georges in the Beauce region of Quebec. It's a small city near the Maine border, with a modest population of 32 000. I think a greasy meal to start the day at the local brunch place is essential for the Christmas spirit, and Les Pères Nature definitely hit the spot!

Les Pères Nature is actually a local grocery store, with a restaurant section off to the side. In the morning, it's hard to find a spot -- you need to scan the place quickly and grab a table before someone else does. The place looks like a mess of people, but don't worry, a waitress will find you soon enough. 

The breakfast menu is extensive, with both small items and full meals. The waitress rushed us to order, as we came in rather late and it was last call for breakfasts and the start of lunchtime. No problem, just aim for the rightmost third of the menu, where the big plates are.

Dad got the Omelette du Père for 9.95$. It's a large omelet with generous amounts of diced ham, onions, and peppers. Also included are potatoes, the traditional Quebec fèves au lard, melon and orange slices, toast, and orange juice. Yes, all that for under 10 bucks! Cora just can't top a price like that. The omelet was tasty and filling, and the potatoes were delightfully crispy on the bottoms. Nothing like a good homemade brunch. 

Mum had the Menu du Père for 9.75$. Essentially, it's a heap of protein with all the sides I mentioned earlier. Two eggs, ham, bacon, and their homemade sausages. The sausages were well-seasoned and don't taste like your typical breakfast wieners at all. Fun to try!

For 6.95$, I had the Croissant du Père. A wonderfully crispy croissant sandwich with egg, cheese, and your choice of bacon or ham (I had bacon), literally dripping with delicious grease. Oh gosh yes. Instead of melons and orange, this came with a couple of tomato slices and lettuce leaves. 

Did we love it? Absolutely. All our meals came with coffee, but we aren't a family of coffee drinkers so we didn't try that. The pricing is fantastic -- we're practically ripping them off! We came out happily stuffed and full of holiday spirit. Mission accomplished. 

10735, 1re Avenue
St-Georges, G5Y 2B8
(418) 227-4444

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