Monday, December 24, 2012

Buffet Superstar: Sushi Plus

There is no lack of sushi restaurants in Montreal, be it fast food chains, fancy dining restaurants, or all-you-can-eat buffets. I have visited quite a few of the latter, and I have got to say, Sushi Plus is the cream of the crop. Forget Kanda... This is where it's really at.

Located on Beaumont Avenue, Sushi Plus sits in the middle of a strip mall just a short walk from Acadie station. Lunch will cost you 13.99$ on both weekdays and weekends. The selection is vast, but if you want to go for the red menu items, come for dinner; it's 21.99$ for weekdays, and 23.99$ for weekends. If you are a student, bring your I.D. and get a 10% discount!

We came for lunch to celebrate after finishing all our final exams. The decor is simple and zen, casting a lovely vibe over the murmurs of patrons. You'll see plates of maki left and right as you are led to your table, and the urge to scribble on the order slip will probably nearly overwhelm you.

We started off with some sashimi. The options for lunch are salmon and white tuna, but the nigirizushi section makes up for the lack of variety. Their tamago sushi was lovely, the egg was tender and not starchy, and the rice was firm and well-seasoned. 

The maki are more or less typical. Good rice provides a good base for anything in the roll. One good thing about this restaurant is that they tell you the ingredients for each maki on both the menu and the order slip. Some of the rolls may only contain tempura crumbles and one other ingredient. Unless grease in your sushi is your thing, read the menu! I did find that they cut their rolls thick, and the larger maki may be a challenge to eat. Sometimes, I had to manage with two bites instead of one.

Their tempura is fantastic. Light, fluffy, and cripsy, the batter only accentuates the flavour of the main ingredient. Shrimp and sweet potato are my favourites!

Other than sushi, they also offer donburri (rice bowl with toppings) and udon or soba noodle soups. I tried the seafood udon. It was a cute appetizer-sized bowl of broth with a couple of noodles, a sliced fish ball, a few shreds of imitation crab, sliced green onions, and wakame seaweed.

Sushi Plus also offers teppanyaki and teriyaki. Here is my favorite dish on the entire menu: the eggplant teriyaki. We actually had to ask three times before getting our orders of eggplant, but when it came, hallelujah. The edges were crispy and the inside of the eggplant was deliciously tender and juicy, melting in your mouth with the sweet teriyaki sauce. I strongly recommend this! My friend A also recommends the salmon belly teriyaki. I don't eat salmon, but I trust her word!

Usually, the service here is alright, but on this particular day, it was nothing to write home about. The waitress was curt and intimidating, and we had to hold our hands up for someone to take our order slips. We did receive all our food (with the exception of the eggplant, which we had to ask for multiple times). The food, though, was fantastic for the price, and Sushi Plus remains my favourite sushi buffet.

1248 Beaumont Ave,
Montreal, H3P 3E5
(514) 227-3938

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