Friday, November 2, 2012

Montreal Food Trucks!

On the first Friday of every month, famous food trucks gather at the Olympic Stadium to show off their much-loved treats to everyone who is willing to travel all the way to Pie IX station. This month was the last time before spring comes around again, so friends and I braved the chilly winds of November (and a really long metro ride) on a quest for food!

Grumman '78 on Urbanspoon

We first hit up Grumman '78! They had two tacos on their menu. I thought there'd be more, but at least this made choosing very easy.

Here is the Feta Pimento, for 5$. Yeah, 5 bucks sounds way too expensive for a taco, but TRUST ME, this is really good and it's more filling than it looks. The base for this one is beans, and it's a totally vegetarian taco (but it doesn't mean healthy!).

This is the Pork Bahn Mi taco, also for 5$. I didn't try this, but JD and JH agreed that it was very good.

Gaufrabec on Urbanspoon

Next, we went to Gaufrabec. Okay, maybe a bit weird that we're having dessert after just a taco each, but the other trucks weren't open yet... The prices were 4$ for a plain waffle, 5$ for a flavoured waffle, and 75c for whipped cream on top.

I got the raspberry waffle. It was seriously the best waffle I have ever eaten. They filled the middle with raspberries, so you really get what you ask for! None of that dried fruit nonsense. Warm and fluffy,  yet crunchy with sugar on the edges, with a wonderful fruity filling... More please!

M indulged and got two waffles! The first was speculoos, made with lots of spices. Looks great... Wish I could steal this truck and eat waffles all day, every day.

And here is his plain waffle with whipped cream. They whip their own cream, which makes it all the better.

Sorry for the terrible picture, but this is the Just Married truck. We weren't sure if that was their name, or if they'd just gotten married... Anyways, they sold coffee and hot chocolate, which is definitely a treat, because this day was frighteningly cold. Winter is coming, of course.

B got a latte. A pretty latte is always a good reason to take a picture.

I got a whoopie pie for 3$. It is made of pumpkin, with a tasty sweet cream in the middle. However, it was sad that this was pre-baked, so not at all warm. It still makes for a yummy treat.

Lucky's Truck was the last to open. Their menu is more expensive than other places, and contained two sandwiches and one poutine.

M decided to have their smoked chicken sandwich for 8$ and I mooched off of him. Considering the price, it was pretty small... smaller than a taco, even. The sandwich was cold, and although that was the intention, we would have appreciated a hot sandwich instead. The chicken was juicy and the sandwich wasn't bad, but it certainly wasn't worth 8 dollars. 

B and JD both tried the duck poutine with foie gras for 10$. It does look good, but the sentiment of "not worth the price" was echoed.

And that was our food truck trip! We had a fantastic time, despite walking around the stadium multiple times in the freezing weather due to a general failure at directions. The food trucks gave us handfuls of Halloween candy! There was also a little stand that gave up free cream of pumpkin soup, made with pumpkins from the Botanical Garden! Yummm. I was really glad we got to experience the food trucks before they finished for the year. Can't wait till next time!


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